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Citizens for Judicial Excellence was founded for one purpose: to improve the quality of the judges in the busiest of our court systems by offering voters actual choices in judicial elections. CJE fulfills its mission by recruiting, encouraging, educating, supporting, and financing a select number of highly qualified candidates whose election — by objective standards — would truly improve the quality of the bench.

Since its inception, CJE has grown into the most effective and influential political force in the legal community. In fact, CJE is recognized as the most highly organized, sophisticated, well-funded, and professional judicial-election PAC in the country. Click to learn more about CJE's Mission.

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Zachor Joins CJE Board

Zachor Joins CJE Board

CJE is pleased to announce that James M. Zachor has joined the Board of Directors of Citizens for Judicial Excellence. Affectionately known by his colleagues as "Jimmy," he currently represents Cities … [Read More...]

CJE Wire: Case Law Updates

Citizens for Judicial Excellence is pleased to announce the launch of CJE Wire: Case Law Updates, a new service to help keep our members informed about recent court decisions that may impact their law practices. Click to check out the latest posts.

CJE Bingo Night Weather Advisory

We’re all from the Northwest and we’re tough. After all, we’ve survived volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires, politicians and a bad football call.

We’re certainly not going to let a little wind and rain on Saturday stop us from partying. Whether rain or shine, snow or sleet, we deliver a great party! So break out your bumbershoots, don your slickers and head to the Sahalee Country Club for the Best Bingo Night EVER.

See you on Saturday night!

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