About Citizens for Judicial Excellence

Logo of Citizens for Judicial ExcellenceCitizens for Judicial Excellence is a political action committee formed to recruit and support highly accomplished, fair, service-oriented attorneys who wish to become judges in the District and Municipal Court of the State of Washington.

Through the contributions of highly-skilled lawyers, concerned citizens and others who work in these courts every day, CJE is able to support the candidacies of those who will become excellent judges.

By combining our resources and efforts, we are able to have a more significant impact on judicial elections than would be possible through individual effort.

CJE carefully screens potential judicial candidates and selectively supports those with exceptional credentials. Only those who can withstand the intense scrutiny and challenges of a judicial campaign receive our support.

With a carefully targeted plan, CJE makes independent campaign expenditures to accurately bring the qualifications of these candidates to the attention of the voters. CJE had a an 80% success rate in the 2010 elections. Learn about our winning candidates.