Judicial Candidates

Citizens for Judicial Excellence is an organization of highly skilled and experienced lawyers and others who work every day in the People’s Courts. We have decades of experience with dozens of judges.

The mission of CJE is to improve the quality of the judiciary in the People’s Courts – building a better bench, one seat at a time.

Judicial Candidate Training

CJE identifies highly qualified attorneys, prosecutors and public defenders who meet our high standards, as well as those of the bar associations, to serve on the bench. We recruit these highly skilled legal professionals, train them to run as candidates in judicial races and make third-party expenditures in support of their campaigns.

Our candidate training sessions and workshops prepare judicial candidates for their campaigns and educate them on the strict rules governing judicial races and public disclosure requirements for campaign financing.

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Judicial Candidate Endorsements & Independent Campaign Expenditures

CJE supports qualified judicial candidates running for office by making independent, third-party campaign expenditures. We prepare political mailings and supporting campaign material, including media purchases, to independently support a judicial candidate.

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